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Discovery Communications

Discovery Communications

Preparing for the launch of nine TV Everywhere streaming apps for all of the Discovery networks, our team made every show more clickable to serve both our ~94M users and our tireless television production teams.

I was the UX/UI Design Intern during this product launch.

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preparing TO LAUNCH

Then VP of Creative and User Experience at Discovery Communications, our boss Gina Jean Charles defined one of the key design objectives for our team: to improve user engagement by making every show on every Discovery network streaming app look more polished, appealing, and clickable. When interning with the team, I worked closely with the Senior Designers, Designers, and the Photo Editor to work towards this objective.

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Gina jean charles | VP Creative and user experience
soojung holle | senior ux designer
Alexandra ceron | Senior ux designer
ALYCIA ROCKEY | Photo editor, researcher, producer
ryan Spence | Senior Designer
Menji zen | Freelance designer
Smita Sen | UX/UI INTERN

As UX/UI design intern, I followed the guidance of the VP of creative and user experience and the senior ux designers. working closely with the team, i designed prototypes, ~200 generic logos, show artwork, type treatments, a font analysis, and a style guide.


Type Treatment

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GIF Animation Prototypes


I designed GIF Animation Prototypes to illustrate the user flow across mobile and tablet platforms on the TV Everywhere DGO streaming apps.


Style Guide | sample pages

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